How to fix Dampness in Your Home with Portland Waterproofing Services?

08.06.22 10:57 AM By Sion

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How to fix Dampness in Your Home with Portland Waterproofing Services?

Dampness is one of the most significant water-related problems in a home. Regardless of how old or new a property is, dampness can emerge in any wall out of nowhere. And once your house experiences dampness, it will keep facing wetness despite your efforts. Many homeowners tile the walls or apply different wallpapers above skirting to mask the dampness. However, wetness damages the coatings in a short span leading you to square one.

Does it mean you have no way out of dampness? No! Here are some tips that you can follow to fix dampness in your home with Portland waterproofing.

1. Treating Rising Damps

Do you find patchy paints and bubbling surfaces on your walls? It might be due to rising dampness in your home. Several factors promote rising dampness and you can check it by controlling the root causes behind such damages. But before, you should have some idea of the underlying reasons promoting dampness in your home.

  • Check drainage systems in your home and search for probable leakages.
  • Verify if your floorboards have sufficient space for moisture to escape or not.
  • Install moisture-proof boards wherever necessary by waterproofing professionals.
  • Apply waterproofing chemicals to seal dampness forever. 

After you take all these steps, you will probably find the reason behind the rising dampness in your home. Also, you can seek professional waterproofing services to detect the underlying moisture-related concern in your living spaces.

2. Water Condensation on Walls

Water condensation is another serious issue that can keep your walls damp for a prolonged period. But, how to know if your home is suffering from such a concern? It's simple! You can follow these steps to detect water condensation problems. 

  • Take a kitchen foil and a heater or blower. 
  • Dry the damp wall using the heater for sufficient time. 
  • Apply the foil on the wall once it gets completely dry. 
  • Your home has water condensation problems if the foil appears wet after 24 hours.

Now, here's what you can do to fix water condensation on your walls. You can install ventilators and exhaust fans to expel moist air out of your home. It will check water condensation to a large extent.

3.  Water Leaks

Do you know? Most Portland homeowners are tired of water leakage and the subsequent dampness in their homes. Do you have excessively wet walls and floors? It might be due to leaky faucets and pipelines if that's the case. So, it's high time that you repair the issue before the dampness eats up your home. Here's what to do. 

  • Repair a faulty roof with waterproofing chemicals and other resistant coatings. 
  • Fix your leaky vaults, faucets, and pipes at the earliest.

Sometimes, you might not be able to handle massive water leakage problems. So, you can contact expert waterproofing companies in Portland to repair the issues like a pro. 

These were all the reasons that harm your walls, roof, and floor by keeping them damp at all times. Now that you know the remedy, what makes you wait? Fix the dampness at the earliest convenience.