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As the leading waterproofing company in Portland, we have solved numerous home waterproofing projects. Our experts have proficiency in identifying what's wrong with your home and the probable stream of water causing wet walls in your home. We offer affordable and highly-reliable wall waterproofing services that can transform your homes by fighting against stubborn dampness and water leakages.

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Causes Behind Wall Dampness

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Water Condensation During Monsoon

Do your interior and exterior walls become wet during monsoons? It might be a water condensation case. The air quality during the rainy season becomes humid and your walls might attract water to settle on the surface.

Seepage Dampness

Sometimes, your walls might showcase white spots and appear extensively damp. It can be due to severe seepage and require immediate attention from waterproofing professionals.

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salt deposition on walls

Salt Deposition on Walls

Salt deposition on walls can be a common issue if your wall bricks tend to absorb the groundwater. The groundwater soon evaporates leaving behind salt on the walls.

How Do We Fix Damp Walls?

Over years, we have helped several Portland homeowners fix dampness and keep their walls dry. Our professionals offer the following services to identify the causes behind damp walls and remove moisture from your home.

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We check your water sources to identify probable leakages that might reach out to your rooms.
Our professionals repair probable leakage sources and ensure seepage goes away from your home.
We apply insulated coatings to contain water and avoid moisture from reflecting on the surface.
Our experts make the best use of chemical insulators and mold layers to avoid all types of dampness consequences. 

Our Comprehensive Waterproofing Services

We protect your home with the following waterproofing services in Portland:

Interior Waterproofing

Portland waterproofing company helps keep your home waterproof from inside by adding proper drainage, apply sealants to cracks, remove molds, prevent condensation & humidity level low.

Exterior Waterproofing

Waterproofing basement, foundation cracks, roof leak repair by applying caulking sealants & protecting your home from harsh weather is what our waterproof companies do.

Are you looking for a top-class home waterproofing company? We have got your back!

Get our experienced team members to help you manage dampness and keep away damages from your Portland home.

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