Why Do Foundations Sinks and What are the Repair Methods?

08.06.22 10:57 AM By Anand

Why Do Foundations Sinks and What are the Repair Methods?

Sinking foundations cause all kinds of problems in your home, from damaged walls and floors to cracks in your ceilings and tiles. Finding out you have foundation issues can be devastating, especially when you realize you’ll have to pay someone thousands of dollars to fix it. So why do foundations sink, anyway? Why can’t you just fix it yourself? How a waterproofing company can solve all your problems in a minute? And what are the different foundation repair methods available? Here’s everything you need to know about foundation repair methods!

Why Do Foundations Sink?

Having a firm grasp on why your foundation is sinking will help you make an informed decision about which repair method is best for you. A sinking basement can be caused by many things, including changes in soil moisture content, unstable soil, sinkholes or other types of ground movement such as fault lines. This means that repairing your foundation to have it fully waterproofed may mean coming up with a different solution depending on what caused it to sink in the first place.

Poor Compaction- As we know, compaction is critical to ensure that soil beneath a foundation’s slab is sufficiently dense to support its weight. If you don’t compact at all—or don’t compact enough—you run into problems. While large equipment like bulldozers works well for moving earth around, smaller tractors need to be used by trained contractors if you want to achieve a good foundation repair job.

Erosion- If there’s a water source nearby, then sooner or later that water is going to get into your foundation. Water typically finds its way into your foundation through cracks in your cement walls—especially those around windows and doors.

Weather Extremes- When you’re on top of a large slab of concrete, your foundation will feel especially vulnerable to weather extremes. Snowploughs, windstorms, or torrential rain can cause expensive foundation damage. During wet seasons (like spring) a well-protected foundation can save your home thousands in repairs. To be protected, choose a waterproofing company that uses proven technology like Basement Waterproofing to keep water out and prevent further sinking.

How do you repair a sinking foundation?

Fixing a sinking foundation is tricky, as it can cause damage to other parts of your home. The best way to do it is to hire a company that has been properly trained on how to repair foundations in Portland.

Use Surface Patching to Fix Small Problems- When your foundation begins to crack, break or settle, you’ll need to repair it quickly to protect your house from damage. It's best to start with surface patching. A foundation waterproofing company will typically use Portland cement concrete sealant in areas where cracks begin forming. The cement-based material fills in small divots and cracks, providing an immediate fix for small issues.

Add a Deep Foundation Soil Lifter- You may have to hire a contractor or handyman to add a deep foundation soil lifter, or can do it yourself. The deep foundation soil lifter is essentially an air blower attached to a length of PVC pipe with holes that let in the air under your house for lifting purposes. Depending on how flat your lot is, you may not even need one, but if you feel like you need one, go for it!

Replace an Old Water Well with a New Deep Well- If your old water well is starting to produce a bad odour or you find yourself paying more to haul water, it’s time to look into replacing your well. Unfortunately, digging a new well isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight. It takes an entire team of foundation repair Portland working together to ensure that everything is done properly.

Did You Know About Subsoil Drains?

Subsoil drains work by tunnelling through your foundation wall to carry water away from your foundation walls. When they’re working correctly, subsoil drains also help reduce problems like basement cracking. But since they don’t run through your concrete floor, as perimeter drains do, you can expect them to be more expensive to install. Portland Waterproofing is a respected waterproofing company that provides exceptional services for customers in Portland, OR and surrounding areas.

How Much Foundation Repair Costs?

Foundation repair can be a great alternative to costly replacement. Depending on your circumstances, it may cost less than $10,000 to fix foundation problems. But there’s another option available—Portland basement waterproofing—which many homeowners find more cost-effective.

If you notice a sinking foundation, you can still save dollars by hiring a Portland basement waterproofing company to examine the foundation and apply the best foundation repair technique to keep your home foundation strong.